The Magic of Texas Winter and Sibling Love

You may think taking pictures during the Texas winter when trees are bare, the grass has lost its color, and there is no snow that screams "winter" in images is not a great idea. But I think otherwise. Just look at the senior pictures of Cooper below! The seemingly colorless world actually helps pop the subject in portraits and gives a nice, serene tone. I just love how his pictures turned out!

Another thing that made his session special was the fact that his older sister Lexi was there with him. In the short amount of time I got to spend with them, I could tell they had a very strong bond. Some of my favorite images from the session are those that she made him laugh and helped bring out his super cute smiles. They were both such a joy to be around, and now I am a huge fan of them. Kudos to their parents for raising wonderful human beings! I can only see bright futures for them.