Special Someone

It is never too late to take senior pictures. This goes without saying for everyone but especially for someone special like Eliyas in my case.

I've had the privilege of watching him grow from a sweet third grader to a wonderful, handsome senior as his next door neighbor. He and my son played together back then and are still good friends now. His family is the best neighbors anyone can hope for, and we totally hit a jackpot when it comes to neighbors.

So I felt honored when his mom asked me to take Eli's senior pictures. I was secretly hoping I'd have a chance to do that too because I thought taking his pictures would be the best thing I can offer to celebrate his graduation and accomplishments.

We decided we'll take some pictures in the nature and some on the soccer field since that is his sport and he is an amazing player at that. But when we arrived at the location, the field and all of the soccer goals were taken... So we ended up staying by the trail for almost the entire session, but I think it was a good thing because I just love love love how all of the pictures turned out including the ones of him in his uniform.

I hope he and his family will treasure these photos forever just as I will cherish this memory forever. Congratulations Eli! The whole neighborhood loves you and we are so proud of you!! We cannot wait to see what the bright future holds for you.

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